nide is a luxury lingerie studio established in 2020, designed for the woman who celebrates and desires herself above all else.

We unite Scandinavian minimalism with coveted French and Italian sartorial traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

We carefully select the finest fabrics including embroidered tulle and silk for a limited-edition collection of bras, panties, bodysuits and suspenders. Each piece is made by hand to exalt every inch of your body.

Nnide is a fusion of the names of Swedish/Italian couple behind the brand. These five letters represent far more than just a name for us. It is the essence of the long and magnificent journey we embarked on to create this studio.

In the delicate dance of coming together, we were presented with the opportunity to transform. We had to peel back a multitude of layers that defined our individual natures in order to reemerge as a couple in steady harmony.

It is within this very space that Nnide expresses different souls and energies, at times even contrasting. This is the duality that drives us to empower women to make the conscious choice of adorning their divine bodies with the pieces they desire.
Our collection of luxury lingerie can be worn to feel bold in the bedroom, but also as a discrete reminder throughout the day of how sexy you are while conquering your goals and crossing off your to-do list. Nnide is not about showing off, but feeling in touch with your body and connecting with your poise, power and pleasure.

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